Rainy Screen Saver

Rainy Screen Saver 2.2.3a

Rain screen saver for your computer

Rainy Screen Saver is a beautiful screen saver to remember rainy days on your computer. This screen saver will take you into rain effects with real sounds to enhance your experience. Rainy Screen Saver includes optic and lighting models to create the most real rain drops on your computer screen. This is a very useful screen saver for any computer because it does not need high system requirements, 800x600 screen resolution and 233 MHz are enough for this utility. You can also use this screen saver on other more powerful systems with smaller and higher screen resolutions including 640x480, 1280x1024 and higher screen sizes. Use different color configurations such as high color, and true color, using 24 or 32 bits per pixel. This screen saver is suitable for different Windows versions including Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, NT, and XP editions. If you love rainy days, have the rest of the year the rain experience with Rainy Screen Saver.